Stern Weber

S220 TR Dental Chair

Classic and innovative ergonomics. Six models that cover a vast range of dentistry needs, characterized by the floor-mounted unit body, independent from the patient chair and its movements.

The dental unit is molded around the needs of those who work with it, so whatever user’s operating style we provide a highly practical solution to suit you. For those seeking cutting-edge performance, we’ve technologically advanced devices and instruments. For those who demand uncompromising safety, we offer a wide range of tried and tested hygiene systems. And to those intending to optimize workflows, we dedicate smoothly integrated multimedia and X-ray diagnosis systems.

For dentists who operate in indirect vision mode, the International - hanging tubes - model provides a solution that is as comfortable as it is flexible. Side Delivery, with an adjustable dentist’s module installed on a cast aluminium metal arm, ensures outstanding stability while the Cart provides full freedom of movement.

The Continental - with reflex arm instruments - provides optimal instrument maneuverability and a pantograph arm that passes over the patient for hindrance-free positioning. The Hybrid model, instead, offers absolute versatility as it can be used by both right and left-handed dentists.

The Unit body only configuration provides a dental unit without a dentist’s module on which the 5-instrument assistant’s module with one dynamic instrument and a camera can be configured.