Heliodent Vario DG Dental X-Ray

SIROPure high-speed handpieces
Satisfying your premium demand without oil.

Only the best!
SIROPure high-speed handpieces reflect the highest quality standard in the field of dental instruments. The differentiation into three distinct head versions enables both treatment-related and work routine oriented selection. Each individual version is characterized by its own special performance feature: CONTROL by its patented speed control, Racer by its performance power and mini by its particularly small head. And of course, thanks to their Click & Go interfaces, SIROPure high-speed handpieces can also be operated on all popular quick couplings. You can be sure that SIROPure high-speed handpieces will live up to your highest expectations of comfort and clinical safety.

for continuous work on the tooth
  SIROPure P Racer
Racer for routine touch-up work on the tooth
  SIROPure P mini for optimal viewing and accessibility

Titanium through and through!
SIROPure does not do things by halves. All three high-speed handpiece versions are made of solid titanium. This means maximum treatment quality regarding ergonomics, lightweight design and hygiene. And that something extra in style and exclusiveness is also bound to enthuse the staff of any practice.

SIROPure P CONTROL offers you the following advantages through its unique, patented speed control:

  • » Pleasantly quiet running due to controlled speed
  • » Continuous operation through constant torque
  • » Uniform, low-vibration preparation
  • » Prolonged cutting performance of diamonds
  • » Prevention of thermal damage to the tooth
  • » Long service life of turbine
  • » Completely Oil-free bearing & drive systems suitable for all micromotors with ISO / INTRAmatic LUX interface.
  • » Ergonomic, unique solid titanium casing with edge-free  contour & low-weight for very  comfortable & stress-free  pepration.
  • » Optimal illumination of the preparation site with 25,000 lux.




  SPEED (rpm)

P 200

Cavity & Crown preparation


P 40 Crown preparation / finishing 1:1 40,000
P 6 Excavating / Polishing 6:1 6,000
PH 40 Preparation/Fine Prosthetic Adjustment 1:1 40,000