Heliodent Vario DG Dental X-Ray

Easy and economic intraoral imaging
Intraoral radiography is an indispensable tool in everyday dental diagnostics. The new Vario DG intraoral X-ray unit is part of the famous Sirona HELIODENT product line including the usual attractive features. Besides conventional film-based imaging, the economic AC unit is especially suitable for digital imaging.

Easy operation
Using the Vario DG is child’s play thanks to the TipSet timer. Use the time-tested Sirona tooth and patient symbols to easily select the correct exposure parameters, and switch between traditional and digital settings with the press of a button.

Excellent image quality
Vario DG X-ray images are detailed and feature an especially high contrast range, allowing excellent detail recognition. The perfect basis for your diagnostics.

Flexible integration
In the X-ray room or right next to the treatment center, with the possibility to choose the wall model or the mobile unit, Vario DG is always at your disposal. With three selectable support arm lenghts it always fits perfectly into the available workspace.

Technical Details

Focal Spot : 0.4 (IEC 336)
Tube voltage : 70k V
Tube current : 3.5 mA (7 mA equivalent)*
Setting : 0.21–11.2 mAs(0.06–3.2 s)
Line voltage : 120 V or 240 V
Arm length : Selectable between 30 cm, 60 cm or 80 cm