CGF Analysis Kit

The patent kit includes the necessary components for the blood collection and specific dappens to facilitate the processing of hematic components without any contamination risks. Then, the kit is equipped with specific instruments to produce a fibrin membrane and to insert the clot inside the implant site.

Kit includes the following:

Antiseptic Swab Grid for Fibrin Separator Straight Spatula
Throwaway Tourniquet Phisiologic solution Pliers for membrane creation
Complete butterfly Dappen for fibrin Compactor device
Haemostatic band-aids Dappen for platelets Injector for fibrin - including 2 pieces
Vacuette Test Tubes Dappen for particulate Spatula applicator for membrane
Stainless Steel Test Tubes Tray Scissors with round tip Topper Gauze
Dappen for fibrin separator Straight anatomic pliers Surgical instrument tray