Dental Operating Microscope ACE Dental

Technical Specifications

Microscope Head

Optics : ApoChromatic Galilean Type
Eye Piece : 10 X Wide Field & High Eye Point (Diopter Adjustment +6 to -6)
Binocular View : 0o - 90 o Tiltable Binocular View
Inter Pupillary Adjustment : 50mm to 75mm
  F=250mm (Optional 200mm & 300mm)
Fine Focus : Manual Fine Focus 17mm by Control Knob
Optical Head Swivel : 0o - 90 o axially and 180o side wise


Illumination : Homogenous Co-Axial Shadow free Bright White Spot
Field of Illumination : 70mm
Lamp Life : 30,00 hrs. Apporximatley
Light Source : Hi Power LED
Illumination Intensity Adjusment : By Control Knob
Bulid in Filters : Orange Filter