New Tom

NewTom VGi

NewTom VGI : High-performance 3D maxillofacial radiology
NewTomVGi, designs as a traditional orthopantomograph, represents a revolution in the field of CBCT radiology, acquiring 360° images (each angle for a total of 360°) from a standing or sitting patient. It couples a revolutionary flat panel X-ray detector technology with a very small focal spot (0.3 mm), to produce the clearest, sharpest images possible.


  • » Image acquisition at 360° with no distortion or artifacts, carried out with a single scan in order to optimize the available analysis time.
  • » The generated images, in 16-bit greyscale with a 1:1 scale, provide for an exceptionally detailed view of the scanned area.
  • » With its modern design, the unit is ideal for use in any clinic, and can even be installed in extremely confined spaces thanks to its compact size.

Greater Patient Comfort
All NewTom units add a sense of comfort for the patients, allowing them to relax during the scan and limiting the patient movements, in order to improve the image quality.

Featured in all NewTom units, SafeBeam™ automatically adjusts the radiation dosage according to the patient’s age and size. As a result, patient exposure is tailored and image contrast remains consistent regardless of patient size or bone density.

Technical Data