New Tom

NewTom GiANO

  • » Patented SafeBeamTM technology for automatic and continuous system operations monitoring thereby eliminating possibilities of unnecessary exposures. As a result, patient exposure is customized for each scan and image contrast remain consistent, regardless of patient size or bone density.
  • » Pulsed X-Ray Exposure.
  • » Dedicated Flat Panel Amorphous silicon 3D sensor and specific algorithms create the clearest and sharpest images.
  • » Possibility of single interchangeable CCD sensor for 2D PAN or CEPH or user could opt for two separate sensors.
  • » Multiple FOVs from smallest 5x5 cm to largest available FOV 11x13 cm that can be selected directly from the software or from the display before scan.
  • » Possibility of importing 2D images onto USB stick / Pen Drive.
  • » Precise 1:1 scale and 16-bit grey scale.
  • » 12 Panoramic + 14 TMJ + 3 Maxilla Sinuses + 10 CEPH examination.
  • » Include NNT Software with DICOM PRINT, IMPLANT PLANNING FACILITY and possibility of easy integration of 3rd Party Software.

  3D 2D
  Single Scan and Cone Beam acquisition SafeBeamTM
Control reduces patient radiation (dose) based on patient size
Panoramic and Cephalometric

X-Ray Emission Time 3.6 s ÷ 9.0s Panoramic, Adult: 9.1s
Child Dentition: 7.0s
Child Ceph, Lateral: 3.4s

Scan Time Min: 18s Panoramic, Adult: 9.1s
Child Dentition: 7.0s
Child Ceph, Lateral: 3.4s

Reconstruction Time Minimum rendering time: 15s Instantaneous

Signal Grey Scale Dynamic Range 16-bit
ICRP 103 (µSv):
Dynamic Range 14-bit
ICRP 103 (µSv):

Effective Dose CB3D 11x8, Std Res 33.5 (µSv)
CB3D 11x8, High Res 78.6 (µSv)
Panoramic 6.7 (µSv)
Dentition Only 4.3 (µSv)
Ceph Lateral,
Reduced 1.0 (µSv)