H10 PLus

Tethys H10 Plus : The Evolution of Disinfection

  • » Tethys H10 Plus incorporates, in a single exclusive process, the water force, heat energy and ultrasound power to ensure maximum safety, outstanding process speeds and ease of use.
  • » Unique, one of a kind unit with spray washing, ultrasound cleaning action and a 90 °C thermal disinfection stage characterised by an outstanding value of A0=3,000.
  • » The procedure is completed with a stream of hot air that perfectly dries the instruments.
  • » A complete cycle time of just 35 minutes. Decontamination, washing, thermal disinfection and drying are all performed in a single, rapid, automatic process.
  • » 6 washing/disinfection programs, including 3 custom programs.
  • » 4.3" color touch-screen display.
  • » Spray washing with ultrasounds.
  • » Thermal disinfection with 90°C process.
  • » Forced air drying system.
  • » HEPA filter class H12 - efficiency 99.5%.
  • » Rear connections for water filling and drain.
  • » Detergent dosing system with pump and flowmeter.
  • » Integrated water softener with automatic volumetric re-generation.
  • » Electro-mechanical door locking system.
  • » Stainless steel modular system, consisting of:
    • » removable wire support with handles, 2 stackable baskets.
    • » sectional spacers, fine-drawn mesh basket for burrs and small objects.

Technical Data