Fona 1000S

The Chair with most in-built Safety features & highest attention to ergonomics.
The most ergonomic treatment centre from Europe.


  • » Advanced “Baustein Concept”.
  • » Aluminium & coated steel dental unit construction to ensure long life.
  • » Powder-coated surfaces resistant to scratches & easy to clean.
  • » Assistant element, designed for either 2 hand or 4 hand treatments, is easy to reposition for unrestricted patient access.
  • » Turning force is adjustable at two joins to optimize the movement for precise working positioning.
  • » Safety anti-collision system (on the backrest & seat) protects chair operation during patient positioning.
  • » Chair movement is locked during instrument use to protect the patient.
  • » Whenever user need to stop the chair movement, any control button or joystick acts as an emergency stop.
  • » The new suction filter system for constant high throughput.
  • » Ergonomic control panels on both dentist and an assistant element allow streamlined workflow.
  • » Most trusted Hanging Hose dentist element.
  • » All the main functions can be preprogramed according to user preference.
  • » Chair returns automatically to the last working position with just a press of a button. This function may be used for both, the spit and patient entry positions.
  • » Each chair is equipped with a chair instrument lock, preventing accidental chair movement during the use of instruments.
  • » All surfaces are easy to access and clean to allow optimal hygiene management.
  • » Touch-less cleaning of suction filters.
  • » Hands-free control of the chair further support easy maintenance.
  • » Durable stainless steel cuspidor rinsing and cup filling outlets can be sterilized for complete hygiene.
  • » Also the detachable cuspidor bowl can be washed and disinfected after each treatment.
  • » Wide variety of options to satisfy the clinician’s need.