Bio Research

BioEMG III™ Bio-Metric Instrument

Surface EMG is the worldwide standard method for recording muscle-specific activity in skeletal muscles. It has been proven reliable in numerous studies over many years and is a clinical procedure that can easily be performed in any dental office. This information is invaluable to the clinician that hopes to create beautiful dentistry that works with the patients physiology for optimum results.

BioEMG III is specifically designed to record craniofacial muscle activity in both rest and function. This information is invaluable to the clinician who hopes to create beautiful dentistry that works with the patient’s physiology for optimum results.

The BioEMG III incorporates intuitive displays that are extremely fast and easy to interpret as compared to conventional systems that simply display the microvolt levels of each channel. Now you can design a system to automatically catagorize muscles based upon the quality and quantity of their behavior. Based upon your thresholds, the system will automatically show which muscles are resting properly or are hyperactive. It provides immediate evaluation of the synergy, symmetry and timing of craniofacial muscle firing to expidite the process of evaluating mandibular muscle function

Performance Specifications

Type of amplifier : Differential, fixed gain of 5,000
Impedance : > 100 MegOhms (108)
Range : 0 to 2000 microvolts (p - p)
Offset Range : -0.7 volt to +0.7 volt DC
Common Mode Rejection Ratio : > 130 dB at 60 Hertz(>120 dB, 100 to 600 Hertz)
Bandwidth : 30 to 1000 Hertz (at 2,000 Hertz sample rate)
Sensitivity : < (0.3) microvolt (p - p)
Resolution of A/D converter : 0.5 microvolt
Optical Isolation : UL recognized opto-couplers electrically isolate the patient from the computer’s AC power supply (UL file #E58730, E54915 or equivalent.) Maximum Peak Voltage (applied) 3500 volts
Leakage Current : < 1.0 microampere